Kristýna Mihmanlı
So a few years ago I was living in my home city, studying bachelor, no clear plans for future. And I am thinking... Jeez I am just standing at one spot, not moving ahead at all! I need to do something. So what can I do? I mean really, I...
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18 years ago I studied basics of music from this book. Now it's time to pass the knowledge to the next generation.Today I started giving singing lessons to my 6 years old cousin. She is so talented and excited, it's a blessing to be her teacher. 
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You can finally find the songs that we performed (me and my uncle Tomas) for my husband and the guests at our wedding on Youtube. It was stressful, because I lost my voice about 4 days before the wedding, but I decided I will perform anyway right at the spot,...
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Day in Leuca, southest point we've visited
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Ahoj, Hi,a few days after the wedding we have some raw pics! But now we are enjoying honeymoon in Southern Italy, so we will be now feeding you with pics of beaches and the wedding ones will be avainlable once we get to our laptops.But fir now here is one...
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