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Sat, 10 Mar 2018 21:14:15 +0000

I don't know how about you, but often I get into situation when it seems like I have too much stuff to do in one day. I left the studying until the last day, I forgot about something and at the same time something unexpected occured. Shoot. What to do now.

If necessary, I firstly look at my day and logically postpone the least important events, or those events that will have the least impact. Like a professor that is going to deduct only 1 point of my thesis if I hand it in a day later, but if I didn't do the other task at work, it will have an impact on my whole career and might cause damage to the firm (not that I would do that, haha, this is just to show the importance of the tasks).

I have to really well plan in my head which for me is much easier when I write everything down. I like much more putting everything on paper since I have more freedom there than on any digital device, so I can use any graphical expression that seems logical to me and alarms me.

The events themselves are planned perfectly together with the time of commuting, trying to use all time available, so if I am in public transport I definitely do some of my tasks on the way. I continue depending on how many tasks I have to do. If there are more short time tasks, it is not hard to focus on everything fully. However, don't forget to sit down for 10 minutes twice or thrice a day and completely turn off. In best case just close your eyes and think of something you are looking forward to. Just don't fall asleep.   The older I am the more I realize I need to give my body a break to be able to focus fully again.

If you have less longer tasks it becomes harder. You are losing focus, you are more tempted by your phone and doing other stuff. I found my method which works perfectly. It is called pomodoro technique developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 80s. According to Cirillo you are supposed to work fully concentrated in 25 minutes intervals separated by short breaks. This is perfect when you have more stuff to do. When you concentrate on different tasks for each of the 25 minutes, your brain is not that tired, because it is working differently. I usually take 5 minutes breaks and depending on how much stuff I have to do, I either take a longer break after the 2 hours that are suggested by Cirillo, or later. Of course, this is to be adjusted according to tasks and what fits you best, but you get the main idea.

Another tip, which is more long-term, is to be organized. Always know where you will find your things. Even though you think you have your own logical organization it is not gonna work if you are trying to find something later on. You just forget. And you forget more the more busy your life gets. And this doesn't apply just on tangible things, but documents and online information as well.

Most of us grabs coffee in these situations. Don't do that. Coffee only boosts your energy for a short amount of time and later on the energy decreases, all because of unnatural impact of coffee on adenosine in your brain. Also, it completely messes the energy of your body in future if you drink coffee regularly. If you really want to boost your energy do that with calories or oxygen which will really give you energy compared to coffee and do not harm your body. I got used to eating tons of fruits which contain fructose that gives you lots of energy due to slow metabolising. One piece of fruit per hour will keep you on it just perfectly.

So how to be effective and have lots of tasks done in record time?

  1. Plan well and write it down to cross the tasks out of the list when done - digitally or on paper, whatever suits you.
  2. Set time periods for your tasks in which you will be fully focused.
  3. Be organized - everything will go smoother if you are.
  4. Simply wake up earlier and go to sleep later. It will not hurt you if you do that sometimes. It shouldn't become a habit though, like it did for me.
  5. Eat fruits or drink fruit smoothies and keep your windows open.

Hope you will be able to get through your tough days more easily with my tips!

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