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You can finally find the songs that we performed (me and my uncle Tomas) for my husband and the guests at our wedding on Youtube. It was stressful, because I lost my voice about 4 days before the wedding, but I decided I will perform anyway right at the spot,...
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"For the first time in my life I see a bee eating prosciutto", Sercan, Southern Italy
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Posting just a sample of our shooting. Can't  wait for the results. ❤️
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Ahoj, Hi,a few days after the wedding we have some raw pics! But now we are enjoying honeymoon in Southern Italy, so we will be now feeding you with pics of beaches and the wedding ones will be avainlable once we get to our laptops.But fir now here is one...
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The last day of honeymoon came. We are crying, but we are coming to internet so we can bomb you with even more cute pics in a bit. So it makes the comeback happier.
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It is set. I am moving to NYC on the 1st of July. One way ticket is bought and now I just have to pack my life.Anyway, as much as this is exciting, there are a few more destinations I am gonna show up in during the next month. Mind cleansing,...
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Šťastní novomanželé
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After I came to Vietnam I figured I can’t post, so now I will try to make up for it and say as much as I can in the following articles.Vietnam was my trip to get out from my every day routine, my comfort zone and to get everything sorted...
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I think I can call my granny now to make her finally satisfied with the amount of animal protein I am consuming. Meaning number of beatles floating in my vegetarian meals.Even putting this funny fact aside, it is not that easy to eat vegetarian in Viet Nam. It was quite...
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